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Scrap my Car

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Scrap my car
Scrap my Car is dedicated to providing you with a fantastic service and the best price when your car is ready to be recycled.  There are many reasons why you maybe in a position to be scrapping a car. Maybe the car has been in an accident and is an insurance write off and its no longer financially viable to repair. Another case maybe that the car is old and has reached the end of its life and cannot now pass its MOT.

Whatever the reason Scrap my Car understands that you want a quick and easy service that includes peace of mind. We can ensure that all of the paperwork will be settled with minimum fuss and that your car is recycled responsibly and with no harm to the environment. We also understand that you want the vehicle collected at your home address at a time that suits you. We will ensure a fast and efficient service at an address and a time of your choosing.

Scrap my Car will provide you with the best possible price for your car at the time of the quote. Please remember that the price of scrap fluctuates with global demand and can go down as well as up. With this in mind we can only guarantee a quote for 48 hours. So if you need to dispose of your old vehicle for any reason then give us a call today and speak to one of our friendly staff members who will be happy to help you.

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Fast and Efficient Service

We can often come and pick the car up the next day, or a day which suits you. Our drivers are friendly and courteous

Free Home Pick Up

We will collect your car for Free from your Home or Work address. We cover most of Kent so get in touch today

We Sort the Paperwork

When we collect the car we will take care of all the relevant paperwork and make sure your car is responsibly recycled.
Scrap my Car understands that getting rid of an old car can be a painful experience. Many of our customers who have had there cars for years become attached to them and are sad to see them go. We also understand that some customers can’t wait to see the back of the old car as its sucked money in its last few years or there is a shiny new car waiting to take its place.

Whatever your situation we understand that you want a quick goodbye so we will make the process simple for you. If you have all the spare keys and documents ready when we turn up we can quickly load up the old car, get you paid and let you get back on with your day.

scrap my car

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